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When it comes to health, many women lose momentum and their routine sometimes and it’s not the end of the world.  It is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve while looking at your habits and behaviours knowing that the world doesn’t revolve around the way you look but your health is up there with one of the most important things in lives.  In times of Covid and a more sedentary way of life, it can be difficult to manage your health so these insights will assist you to regain momentum and get back on track:

  1. Seek professional guidance.

    It is important to understand that it’s alright to ask for help. It is alright to admit you don’t have it all together and you might just need some external guidance to be able to support your long-term health goals.  When asking for help, make sure you seek someone who is compassionate with you and is about body love, not being just about being thin but health being the most important thing.  We all backslide at times, so be gentle with yourself because phases of life may seem unkind so surround yourself with help you know will be kind.

  2. Be alright with yourself regardless.

    Let’s face it, things happen such as Covid kilos, hormones, poor choices at times and stress or other things that are conducive to weight gain and ill health. The thing to remember is that your body shape and size means nothing about you, but your mental health and the way you view yourself means everything to your wellbeing. Be alright with yourself at the times of life you may age, your shape and body may change and make sure that you love yourself and your body for the phases it goes through and don’t succumb to social pressure and expectations and do subscribe to living for your own true wellbeing in body and mind the way you are and into the way you want to be.

  3. Establish a new or restored routine.

    Routine can be everything. I know having had Covid, hormones running rife and life challenges that it can be difficult at times.  It’s important to not try to push yourself too hard to begin with but to establish a routine that you can stick to for the rest of your life.  This is something that I find easy most of the time but sometimes we have to admit when the enemy forces get us, and we just can’t do what we did before at the level we did so we must scale it back and begin again or from where you are at.  So, begin your new routine or restore your old one depending on where you are at but don’t let anything get in the way of your results, not the opinion of others or your own self-doubt.  Be the type of woman who gets up in the morning and no matter what is happening, go with it and restore your health while making sure you enjoy a long-term sustainable routine.