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Diet culture suggests that people are more or less good/moral/worthy based on their body size.  This is where fat shaming and ridicule of people stems from and where the internal punishment women have upon themselves comes from.  Diet culture stems from archaic ways of viewing people and their bodies and the fear of fat on the body causing people to suffer and struggle in many ways.  Diet culture includes the shaming while it also includes the dieting mentality that has the world in a frenzy over quick fixes, gimmicks and overnight success at weight loss.  Let’s face it!  If someone loses weight extremely quickly it is glorified and if they gain weight it is often ridiculed.

  1. Diet culture stems also from religious upbringings.

    This is where gluttony was shamed and called a sin and made people feel bad overeating or eating quickly causing psychological or emotional upset.  Yet there is the other side of the coin where most of us were told there are starving people in the world so we should eat everything on your plate and not waste anything.  This is etched in the subconscious of many people, particularly women who may have faced the diet culture in magazines, the media and through peer groups then simultaneously were told to eat all the food on their plates – forgoing all sense of natural appetite and forcing food into bodies or causing there to be issues with eating disorders for making food a right or wrong thing.

  2. It is not immoral to have some fat on your body.

    Nor is it a bad or wrong thing to have gained weight. The question is, what do you want for your life and health?  When you make it about your health and about eating macronutrient balance (all food groups) and ensuring you balance your life finding your natural weight, you are freed from the diet culture.  The shame people feel is a waste of time and although sometimes can be a driving force, it is more sustainable to come from the place of morality in the form of knowing you are a good person no matter what and understanding that you are worthy now and of the body you want to have.