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Do you want to be inspired in your day toward improved weight, body image and mental fitness?

With this book, you will be given simple strategies to enlighten you and cause you to love your body more, embrace the way you are and take action toward what you want.  Open up to any page while asking the question “What do I need to know today?” and you will be provided with an answer to uplift you through insightful wisdom.

“You deserve to love your body now, be a Battle Babe who wins this war hands down and find peace over all weight, body image and fitness challenges”.

With this book, you will be able to make simple changes to be able to live a little while working toward your ultimate goals.  You are the one who is in charge of your life, therefore your results and with a bit of inspiration, you can and will achieve all you set out to do.

“You are loveable regardless of your body shape or size and you can achieve your weight, body image and fitness goals with the right help”.

The Blurb…

The situation report is showing that women are in need of more inspiration in their day.  They are seeking to find the right battle plans to be able to manage the war on weight, body image and fitness.  Inside this book of quotes, you will find those battle plans to enable you to fight in life and win such a war.  You will be inspired to take affirmative actions and cease fire on the enemy at large.  So many women are lost in action over the battle that involves the body and you will find the very thing you need to win such a war and go on a peace keeping mission.