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It is far too common for women to struggle as a result of social media and images of women that are what is considered ideal.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to look a certain way and it is all about your attitude and whether you are addicted or disordered about what you are doing.  Beauty does not mean disordered or fake, it is the psyche behind it all that counts.  The thing about social media is that it can have a serious impact on body image and the way you feel about yourself.  In life, you must surround yourself with things that are inspiring, empowering and promote a healthy self-image.  The body positivity movement is something that entails all women of all shapes and sizes.  The following keys will assist you to understand yourself better and help you deal with social media:

  1. Limit the time you spend on social media.

    When it comes to social media, if you are on it all the time or are addicted, you will find the images and content infiltrates your subconscious impacting the way you feel about yourself.  In this, you must understand that your screen time can directly impact your self-esteem and self-worth depending on what concerns are present already or what is caused from the social media.  So, limit your screen time to what works for you and make sure you use it wisely.

  2. Monitor your thoughts about the images you see.

    There is very little power in blaming a deemed beautiful woman for the way you are feeling.  Even though many are out there trying to make you feel either bad or good about yourself depending on who they are, you must consider your own thoughts, feelings and actions.  This will help you regain your own power over your responses and if you struggle with it, cut down your screen time as mentioned and remove anyone you follow that triggers you and start following body positive and diverse pages and people.

  3. Know your own worth.

    So many women think their looks are their worth.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with going for the look you want and that can be any shape or size.  The thing is, your worth won’t come if you morph into someone else who you see on social media, it comes now by loving and embracing yourself.  You are deserving of the body you want for health reasons while doing it the right way and not being about vanity but being about true inner beauty while radiating regardless of your body shape or size.  Knowing your worth is more than what you see on social media is one sure way to find yourself not caring so much about what others look like and loving and embracing the way you are now.