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When you have gained weight and have lost it or are losing it, it can be very easy to lose confidence as a result of the way you looked or thought you looked, or you look now.  In this mission, we will cover some crucial aspects of gaining self-confidence after or during weight loss and for the shape and size you are now.  Why this is important is because your life is meant to be lived fully and a lack of self-confidence can cause you to shrink or not do the things you truly deep-down want to do.  It is important to be self-confident and embrace yourself in entirety while making sure you are humble in your approach to your looks and weight.  The following strategies can assist you with your self-confidence and enhance your life:

  1. Embrace yourself now for the size and shape you are.

    When you do this, you are saying to yourself and the world that you are confident in who you are.  You have not failed if you have gained weight or are not the size you want to be or used to be.  You simply made choices that led you to a place where you may not truly want to be, however by embracing your situation, you give yourself the confidence you need to own it and be the true beauty you are regardless of your current shape or size.  When you embrace and own your current look and body shape and size, you are more likely to radiate, feel the confidence to get out there and exercise and do the things you truly want to do.

  2. Have goals and a vision for yourself.

    When you know where you are going, this gives you more confidence and your decisions are made from the place of certainty.  When you have this level of confidence, you are more likely to say no to the things that are not conducive to your results.  Success breeds success so with your goals and vision, making right choices for you builds your self-confidence and makes you know that you are more powerful than any external opinion or temptation.  Self-confidence is enhanced through your ability to stick with your goals and embrace your vision in a way that is unwavering.

  3. Dress the way you want to dress.

    So many women dress down or in baggy clothes to hide their bodies.  Why not own your body, buy some nice clothes that suit your figure and dress up a little to make yourself feel confident?  This can be in gym clothes or other clothes while making sure you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.  Hiding away is to be a thing of the past as the world is changing toward body love and self love while making sure you dress the way you truly want to making yourself feel like the true beauty you are no matter what your body shape or size.  It is more attractive to be self confident and own it while making sure you work toward your goals while loving your body and self now.