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So many women are seeking a quick fix and trying to lose weight through extreme measures for rapid weight loss.  Let’s face it… there are many promises of an ideal life once you lose the weight really fast and thoughts that you will be happy when you reach the magic number on the scales.  I’m here to tell you that there are no quick fixes and immediate gratification will most likely get you into metabolic trouble. Rapid weight loss often leads to rapid weight gain and often more than you started because it’s impossible to maintain the extreme measures you go through to achieve the rapid result while additionally this causes your metabolism often to slow down.  Rapid weight loss is glorified and celebrated when slow weight loss should be the method by which you lose the weight if that is what you want to do. These insights will assist you to understand the pitfalls of rapid weight loss and find balance so you can lose weight if that is what you want to do:

  1. Starvation causes a stress response in your body causing weight gain.

    Your nervous system, food intake and stress over food can be directly related and when you choose to go on a fad diet seeking rapid weight loss, you place undue stress on your body and your mind.Starvation causes the activation of your sympathetic nervous system which is the centre for stress in your body that can cause weight loss resistance or weight gain.  You might find you rapidly lose weight to begin with while in time you may find yourself not being able to lose weight because stress on your body and in your mind can cause weight loss resistance or weight gain.

  2. Cycles of weight loss and gain are usually the biproduct of rapid weight loss.

    If you are on a cycle of weight loss and gain it could be because you are losing weight in the wrong way. You may be losing it too quickly and although you may feel somewhat better there can be some damage done to your metabolism as a result of the constant diet cycle.  It is important to find a balanced eating plan that is conducive to your results and lifestyle.  Of course, weight can fluctuate and what I am talking about here is the rapid weight loss that leads to rapid weight gain that has you struggle physically and mentally.

  3. Rapid weight loss and cyclic dieting can cause metabolic damage.

    As you lose weight in cycles of weight loss and gain through rapid weight loss and quick fixes, you damage your metabolism leaving it sluggish and struggling. It may seem difficult to believe, but food is your friend when it comes to weight loss and sustaining your weight.  When I say sustaining your weight, I don’t mean to stay the exact number on the scale at all times, what I mean is to train your metabolism to keep you within your own healthy and desired weight range that has you feel energetic, healthy and living life. Rapid methods just don’t work long term and seeking quick fixes can cause you to suffer so make sure you seek professional guidance to be able to balance your life and achieve long term health regardless of the number on the scale causing your metabolism to flourish.