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Too many women place their worth and value on what men think of their bodies.  Many men are amazing and love you when you are down or when you are up in life.  What I am talking about here is the ones who aren’t into you no matter what your shape or size.  I am talking about the ones who are about looks and reject you for your body.  I know that you are health oriented and in being a Battle Babe, you can’t not be as we love our bodies and are healthy also.  This doesn’t necessarily look like being bigger or smaller, it looks like you doing what is good for your body and wellbeing. So as you are on this journey, you may find that when your body isn’t at its best you might attract men who are not about body diversity and who are about looks.  As you become healthier your looks change.  Now don’t think here I am saying that you aren’t prefect the way you are because you are.  What I am saying is that don’t transform your body to catch the man and if he isn’t into your body at all phases of life, then don’t go for him because he simply most likely won’t stick around if you don’t look the way he wants you to look.  These insights are designed to assist you to be able to be strong in body, soul and mind and find the one for you who is about who you truly are:

  1. Rejection leads to the acceptance of the right one.

    If you are rejected for the way you look, make sure you don’t waste your time crying over it because the right man won’t look at your body. He will look at your true beauty and inner glow leading you to know that when you have children, age or if you go through trauma that he will stand by you no matter what.  If you have some weight on your body and you have goals to lose it, don’t hinge catching your future husband on getting the results because if he doesn’t want you when you are looking a way that he may not accept, then he won’t accept you most likely as you age and go through hormonal changes.  He won’t be there for you in the deepest soul way, he will often be there for physical aspects and that is not what you want.  As you may be rejected by one man, another will come along and don’t put off your relationship success just for your body shape or size.  The right one wants you for you.

  2. Be strong and say goodbye to shallow men.

    I run the risk of seeming like I am against men but that is not true at all, I appreciate them and that they are all on their own journey. Also, many women are just like some men and go for looks over soul mate connection. That is a path of divorce and misery so don’t subject yourself to it and make sure you hold out for the right one for you who is about loving you at all stages and phases of life.  If he can’t handle the hard times and won’t stick by you during the tough times if you have them, then he isn’t the right one for you.  Saying goodbye to the shallow men will set your free and don’t be the problem and be shallow yourself.  Know that you are able to rise from the ashes at any time, you are able to lose weight and shape up with the right strategies and you can and will be able to find true love by letting go of the epidemic that plagues women – looks being what matters most.

  3. Know your worth and be up as much as you possibly can.

    I know, things happen in life, and you may get knocked down. You may have to climb out of big holes at times in your life but know that the right man will be there for you at all phases.  When you know your worth you are better able to choose the man for you and understand that looks aren’t everything.  Your health matters and with health often comes thinner bodies and more tone but deep inside your soul is what is the thing that you should be seeking to please.  If you get knocked down, get right back up and know that you are worthy and deserving of living the life of your dreams. Of course, look your best, empower him to look his best and be healthy while appreciating the life you have at all times for a greater level of happiness and joy.