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The world has gone image conscious mad. It seems like worth is being placed upon the way women look, what they do and how perfect they seem to be.  It appears that women must be immaculate and thin all of the time to be deemed a worthy woman.  It’s a battle out there for women and the war needs to be won because they are suffering at the hands of a bombardment of images that are deemed perfect when the reality is that perfection is in the eye of the beholder. This war has been waging since the invention of the media and mediums where gossip has taken storm in the world causing women to think that they are never enough because imperfection has been a weapon used against women for generations.

In understanding this battle, you begin to see that perfection is internal, it is your internal self and your inner beauty that really counts.  Be as stunning externally as you like, but don’t place your worth on what the war out there is teaching women.  I know it’s difficult, I know you may struggle but don’t look at it if it’s concerning and impacting you.  Just live your life, do what you want and win this war hands down by making sure you look after yourself starting from the inside out.

This war is one that women need to win.  Lives are being lost in action for the eating disorders and body dysmorphia while women are losing themselves in the game of perfection while not loving their imperfections.  It’s a long and arduous road for the world to recover from what it has done to women.  There is a lot to answer for, for the way that women are used as pawns in a greed and vanity game where to win this war you must care, but don’t care too much.  Be mindful of your health and wellbeing, accepting that sometimes you may go off the wagon and so what! It’s a fact of life that nobody is absolutely perfect!