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The body love movement is something that is very important to be involved with and loving your body now is imperative to your health and mental health.  In this journey it is also imperative that you seek to be healthy. Overcoming the past and excuses when it comes to your body is something that will set you free while in this journey be sure to not use the fact that you are loving your body to let your health and wellbeing slide.  I’m not saying this has anything to do with looks because you are so much more than your body shape and size.  What I am saying is that your health and wellbeing are just as important as loving your body.  Let’s face it, someone who truly loves and adores their body doesn’t want to do harmful things to it.  They want to be healthy and live with vitality.  Battle Babes Fitness and this mental game is all about loving your body now and no matter what size or shape you are or have been while ensuring you focus on your health.  I of all people know this is a journey but don’t be one of those body hating women who puts unhealthy things into your body while also don’t use the body love mission as an excuse to become, remain or be unhealthy.  These insights will assist you to overcome the past and excuses to move powerfully forward with your body love and weight, body image and fitness mission:

  1. Exercise to embody and embrace your body.

    I’m not saying you should thrash yourself and do things that make you sore and tired all of the time. What I am saying is that it is imperative that you get out there, get going and find some consistency with your body love and your exercise.  When you embody and embrace your body you are better placed to feel into what you want and need.  You are much more likely to lose some weight and be healthier while I understand that you may be storing pain and trauma in your body which is what may have caused you to gain weight, while know that exercise can cause you to shape up and if you do it in a way that you love, you are more likely to stick to it and reach your goals.

  2. Seek professional help to deal with stored memories.

    What do you truly think of exercise, eating well and losing weight? Are you all tangled up inside with limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions struggling to find your way and going on and off diets or programs?  Are you unable to sustain your program because of your limiting beliefs?  When you identify what has been holding you back, you are better able to move forward and leave the past behind you.  I know it might seem hard because of hormones, old habits, mental health and other factors but don’t allow these to impact your health.  Love your body now and seek assistance to overcome anything that may be causing you to not be healthy, not exercise and avoid eating well.

  3. Shake it all off, love your body and get in the game.

    Excuses that are associated with the past will only hold you down and using the body love movement as a reason to not look after yourself is something that may be a big issue in society. Battle Babes is about balancing your body love with health.  Most often I am talking to the women who let their health go and want to lose weight and the way to love your body is to see images of women who are not the ideal woman but are still ideal in their body because they embrace themselves in entirety and are loved and a lovable now.  Shake off the past and seek to find your way and look after yourself for a body and future that lasts the distance for your mission on this earth.  By shaking it off, you get yourself further in the game and you are able to rise to any challenge because the past does not dictate your future.