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Do you feel guilty if you eat food or don’t do as much exercise as you want to do?  Sometimes I know it’s difficult to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle and guilt may be the very thing that is perpetuating health concerns and you not doing what is conducive to your wellbeing.  Guilt can plague you and cause you to suffer and manifest the very thing you don’t want.  The way to overcome guilt is to be loving of your body and self now while knowing that living in the realm of wrong or right and good or bad can work for you in terms of keeping you making the right and health choices.  But do you use the right and wrong or good and bad approach to your health in a way that makes you feel deflated and destroyed?  Let’s face it, there are things that are good for you and some that are bad for you, and you know what they are often so the way to dissolve the guilt is to do what you know is good for you and your body while dealing with the cause of the guilt internally.  If you go off the wagon, the guilt is there as a teacher and to show you something about yourself and to drive you to make healthier choices.  These insights will assist you to overcome guilt and dissolve this emotion in a way that has you stop rebelling and manifesting what you don’t want and discovering and creating what you do want:

  1. Embrace guilt as your greatest teacher.

    As mentioned, learning from your guilt is a very powerful and productive thing to do. If you make guilt all wrong and allow it to plague you, you set yourself up for failure but if you master it, you are better placed to get over it quickly and create great results in the way that you want to.  Feeling guilt is a human constructed emotion therefore this gives you power and the ability to know you can transform it.  It might be the result of your actions or non-actions but it’s inside you that these feelings are arising so take your guilt and make it mean something very powerful to be able to rise above it, learn and grow from it in a way that has you know that guilt may come and go and you can still create the results you want if you see that guilt can be a sign you aren’t doing what you truly want to do for your body and self.

  2. Focus on the opposite of guilt and how it serves you.

    What is the opposite of guilt for you? Focus on that and reframe your thoughts toward a more powerful and productive approach.  Look at the habit you did that causes you the guilt and know that the guilt is showing you as mentioned it’s not something you morally or for health reasons wanted to do and change your behaviours toward what you want.  When it comes to weight, body image and fitness, many women are plagued with guilt and it can drive them but it’s more powerful and sustainable if you are driven from a place not of pain but of pleasure and inspiration that has you know that as you focus on what you want, you create more of what you want.

  3. Use it to fuel your fire and make the right choices.

    Guilt can be something that destroys or makes you. As you learn from it and use the opposite of it to focus on what you want you can use the guilt in ways that cause you to dissolve the emotions associated with it, not feel the guilt but still make healthier choices.  So many women think that if they didn’t have the negative emotions that drive them, they would go off the wagon.  This might be ‘I hate my body so I’ll work out and diet’ or ‘I can’t stand looking in the mirror so I’ll morph into the ideal woman’ or ‘I ate that, and I feel so guilty and will punish myself for it, so I don’t do it again’.  Living in the world of punishment for your choices isn’t going to help you succeed but coming from a deep intrinsic place where you know that you are driven by health and wellbeing over guilt and hate the power is put back into your hands as you are in charge of your life, therefore your results.