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Diet culture is rife with quick fix approaches, gimmicks and false promises.  When it comes to your weight, there is only one way to lose it and that is through being focused on health.  This mission is one that many women are lost in action over because there often seems like there is no other way but to follow what the diet culture says you should do.  This news article is designed to inspire you to give up the quick fix diet culture and follow these three simple steps to find balance once more:

  1. Don’t expect too much too soon.

    A mantra you could use is that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ as the slower the weight comes off you, the less likely it is to come back. Most women regain the weight they lost because they went on a diet and lost the weight in a way that they can’t sustain for the rest of their lives.  Be someone who doesn’t expect too much too soon, and you will find progressively over time the results will show.

  2. Exercise for joy and do the hard work.

    When it comes to exercise, you can combine the words ‘joy’ and ‘hard work’ because let’s face it, the hard work can bring you a sense of joy and the joy can bring you the drive to do the work to achieve what you set out to do.  It is important to choose exercise that you like doing where you are willing to go harder with it and achieve what you want.  Too many women live in misery trying to do exercise they don’t like when there are things that you can do that bring you joy.

  3. Eat healthy quality foods and do it slowly.

    Poor quality food simply won’t sustain, satisfy or satiate you most of the time and when eaten quickly it can have a damaging effect on the metabolism.  Thus, causing weight gain or weight loss resistance.  When you eat good quality healthy foods, your appetite regulates, and you feel more satisfied when you also eat it slowly and enjoy the process.  You give your metabolism and digestive system a fighting chance when you do this, and you will find you are better able to lose weight and keep it off.