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How are you when it comes to life’s pressures and emotional eating?  I know some women reach for food when stressed and others are the opposite.  This is for those who reach for food in times of pressure.  Let’s face it!  Fighting those demons can be a difficult thing and the only thing that can seem to soothe the emotions is food.  You know that feeling of peace that comes over you for a moment that can lead to regret and weight gain if it is a frequent thing.  Life moves in cycles and it’s important to understand that while seeking consistency and sustainable results.  If you can understand your behaviours, you will be able to master your emotional eating and find ways to find peace through other means.  These insights will assist you to overcome life’s pressures that may lead you to emotional eating:


  1. Know what your triggers are.

    Many women aren’t aware of their triggers so they don’t know when they are in the midst of a cycle where they may be seeking food to find peace. Get to know what happens right before you reach for food and understand that you won’t be perfect all of the time, but you can calm your emotions in other ways when you understand what triggers your emotional eating.  Triggers can be external or internal things so be sure to not surround yourself with triggering people, things or thoughts and allow yourself some grace in life to be able to calm eat and find your balance.

  2. Change your environment to reduce life’s pressures.

    The moral of the story here is to not expose yourself to the things that trigger you as much while additionally working on your triggers to be able to do whatever you like in the future. Healing is the key to success when it comes to mastering your emotional eating but don’t put yourself under undue stress if you don’t need to.  Who can you let go of in your life that trigger you and what habits, behaviours and environments can you change to allow yourself some peace?  At least until you are able master your emotional eating and find balance.

  3. Know you can do it and place your attention on what you want instead.

    When you know you can overcome emotional eating and place your attention on what you want, you get to find peace over it. I’m not saying that you will never emotionally eat again as perfectionism isn’t what this is about and being a realist will help you love yourself at times when your emotions run the show. As you focus on what you want, you create more of that, and you begin to attract to you situations where you are better able to manage.   You don’t need to heal in an instant, each change is a win so know you are worthy and make small adjustments over time to a place where you are managing your emotional eating, focusing on what you want and living for balance to win the war on weight, body image and fitness.