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Judgement of bodies is rife in society for many reasons, and it has infiltrated the hearts and minds of women across the globe.  Comparison and lack of diversity has many women stuck for fear of getting out there, doing what they want to do and making things happen such as exercise, career and relationships.  Being body diverse and practicing non-judgement goes both ways and it is important to ensure you practice it with others and yourself.  It is a fact of life that weight may fluctuate yet fat on the body has been labelled a bad, immoral or wrong thing causing women to suffer immensely for self-imposed and externally inflicted judgement.  In this mission, you will discover 3 ways to practice non-judgement for body diversity and you know that sense of freedom all women are seeking from that which may control them – body hate.  The following keys will enlighten you to a new approach for the acceptance of you and others:

  1. Notice what you think about other women’s bodies.

    In doing this you will understand how you would think about yourself should you gain weight or if you had their body shape or size.  In understanding this, you never know what might happen to you in life that has you gain weight and have to learn to love your body and other bodies for the shape and size they are.  Too many people shame women for their body shape and size when it’s simply some fat on the body and something that can be reduced with the right strategy if the woman wants to make the change for personal or health reasons.

  2. Notice what you think about your own body.

    In doing this, you may find you are fine with other women’s bodies and are completely diverse, understanding and compassionate about their body shape or size but hate your own.  Or you may be judging others and yourself at the same time.  In noticing what you think about your body you get to see why you may be manifesting weight issues because what you think about, you can manifest so make sure you notice your thoughts because a problem well stated and identified is half solved.

  3. Reframe your thoughts toward yourself and others.

    When you notice your judgement of you, or others ensure you reframe your thoughts toward the positive while adopting compassion and empathy.  You may have been through challenging times and the emotions manifested on your body or others may have been through that also.  Reframing means turning your negative thoughts into the opposite, positive thoughts and focusing on the positive making sure you own your body and encourage other women to own theirs while working their way toward the health they so deserve.