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Do you want body love? Or maybe to lose some weight and shape up?  Maybe you want it all?  In this mission I will be talking about the impact of not getting what you want.  My aim is to help you see the way your life may not be working because of the way you think about your body or the habits you might have that stop you from succeeding.  So many women as I often talk about put off their mission because they think they aren’t thin enough and that can include getting healthy.  Make sure you know that Battle Babes is about body love and losing weight if you want to while making sure you don’t think that you have to lose weight to get out there and create what you want.  As you get on mission, you are focused on other things that are not body image concerns, weight or obsession or rejection of fitness.  Of course, make time and align your values toward what you truly want while knowing that if you get out there, make things happen and do what you are meant to be doing, you say to yourself and the world – other opinions don’t count! Through this article, I will share with you some insights to assist you to get out there and make things happen:

  1. Give up the need to please people.

    When you are a people pleaser, you may cave to eating and drinking unhealthy substances or you might find yourself giving up on your goals because you want to fit in. Stand out I say!  Be the one who is willing to say no to what doesn’t serve you and yes to what does.  In this you must understand that if you have flimsy boundaries and allow yourself to become what others want you to be and not what you want to be, you might feel some pain and that pain might be ill health and poor body image.  As a people pleaser you sacrifice your health and body image for those who aren’t on the journey or who sometimes take pleasure in your unhealthy behaviours sabotaging you or yourself.  Make sure you stop trying to please everyone else and take life by the horns and get out there and make things happen regardless of what you look like or how you feel about yourself.

  2. Give up caring what others think.

    I know this well, so many people think their opinion counts when it comes to the way you should look. Perfectionism is something that is often derived from caring about external opinions and thinking that what other people say about you that is negative actually matters.  It is important to be real and understand that you can’t often escape the opinions of others but if you cared about what others think, you wouldn’t get to the gym with your curves and bumps.  You wouldn’t get out there and make your amazing career happen or have the dream relationship you want that is about loving you no matter what you look like.  When you are about your inner vision of external opinion you become more empowered, and you let go of body hate and find your own way in the world.

  3. Make a plan and stick to it.

    Planning is essential to success. When you plan you give yourself a chance to succeed and to be resourceful to be able to achieve.  When it comes to planning, you may find yourself face limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions that sabotage you or cause you to feel you aren’t worthy which is common with women who have faced body image and self-image concerns.  Be sure to overcome these and decide, commit and act toward what you know is meant for you. If you want to lose weight, lose the weight off your mind first or at the same time and make sure you do it for health and wellbeing over vanity because that is how it lasts.  Planning is for everyone and always adjust and review your plans over time and as you succeed, you will most often find that you achieve more than you thought if you have lost the weight off your mind and you are committed to your vision. Get out there, make things happen and ensure you do it from a place of fun, joy, body love and win the war on weight, body image and fitness by being in the game.