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When it comes to your weight, how do you feel about what it means? Do you make it mean you are worthy if you are thin and unworthy if you gained weight?  In this mission, it’s important to understand that your weight doesn’t reflect anything about you when it comes to worth.  Yes, you may be wearing your emotions and trauma on your body, or you may simply eat more than your body needs for no reason except you like food.  Whichever it is for you, just know that you are a perfect human being regardless and your worth is determined by your inner self and not the way you look. Who ever decided in history that women’s physical appearance would be something that is important when it comes to attracting opportunities, a partner, worth and what you want out of life?  It really makes no sense if you think about where it all started – with human constructs of the mind.  Meaning it’s all made up.  These insights will assist you to know your worth that is more than your body and understand that weight is an ever-changing thing and if you place your worth on it, you may find yourself in states of perpetual unworthiness:

  1. Your body is not your business card.

    Opportunity seems to often knock on the doors of those are thin right? That’s what society has created as something women believe because the ideal life often involves an image of a thin woman with it all. Well, it’s not really about these women’s body, it’s about how they often think about themselves while it is a fact of society that there is an image that is projected through the media and other means that says that when you are skinny you have made it.  Well, that’s not true.  If you are being discriminated against for your body and made to feel unworthy by others when it comes to opportunity, make sure you stand up for yourself because your body is not your business card.  It is simply a vehicle that holds your beautiful soul for which you can look after and do your best to be well.

  2. Stay away from people who are only looks oriented.

    One sure way to destroy your worth is to be with or around people who are only looks oriented who place their connection with you on the way you look. I know, I have been there and at times you don’t look what they deem to be attractive and thin they disappear or they are embarrassed by you which seems like it’s a bad thing at the time but know it’s the best thing that can happen to you.  You know where you stand, and you get to find people who adore you for you.  Relationships based on looks place undue pressure on you and etch away at your worth because I know deep inside you want to be accepted for who you are in entirety.  I’m not saying don’t look stunning, what I am saying is don’t base relationships on physical aspects or be around those who do because your worth depends on it. Of course, hang out with healthy people, but make it from a place of worthiness and belonging.

  3. Life phases happen so accept them.

    If you are placing your worth on your body, you may find you struggle as you age or things happen where your body may change.  I know this well and was thin most of my life and when things happened to me and my body changed, I had to accept that unless I wanted to starve myself, my body just wouldn’t morph into my former 20-year-old body.  These phases can pass, and the moral of this story is that it’s imperative you place your worth on your internal self and not the way you look because bodies can change and looks can change.  Don’t get out of the game if you go through a phase, do what you can with your exercise and eating and ride out the phase while loving your body and knowing you are worthy no matter what.