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What is love is the eternal question?  This is a very difficult thing to describe but I believe that love is when you can see what you perceive as the positive and negative sides of yourself and still adore yourself anyway.  It is when you are at peace with the way things are while working intrinsically (internally motivated or inspired) toward what you want.  Love seems like the path of least resistance but don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t have any challenges in the process of loving your body.  You may one day feel on top of the world loving your body and something might happen making you feel like you aren’t loving your body but accepting the ups and downs is part of the love journey.  Focus on what you want while loving the challenges too.  It’s just like unconditionally loving another person.  I know this might be difficult to deal with as love in many realms has been painted out to be an all and only positive thing, but true love is when you can love the positive and negative aspects of yourself being humble in your beauty knowing that there is nowhere to get – while this is what will take you far.  These insights will assist you to be able to know you are loving your body now and find a sense of peace over all aspects of yourself:

  1. You win the war when you stop comparing.

    You are just perfect as you are. Yes, that’s right, you don’t need to change to be able to love your body now except one thing, and that is your thoughts about yourself.  When you are perpetually comparing yourself to other women or idealistic views of what you think you should look like, you take yourself out of the body love game.  Thinking you need to be different is the epidemic that plagues the world of women when love is to adore yourself now and not want to change a thing about the way your body is while working your way intrinsically toward health.  Losing weight is not about the way you look; it should be about your wellbeing.  Don’t fall for false promises that your internal world will improve only if you lose weight, you must do the inner work simultaneously and stop comparing yourself making yourself feel like you are never good enough – you are perfect and more than enough now.

  2. You are able to see that you are perfect the way you are.

    When you can see you are perfect the way you are, you free yourself and reduce the stress on your nervous system allowing your body to better metabolise fat. Yes, that’s right, your stress could just be the very thing causing you to hold onto extra weight.  Losing weight is up to you to decide whether you want to or not but what is important here is that you are able to love and adore yourself now and/or into the size you want to be.  That way you are able to create lasting change because you have done the inner work and love your body during ups and downs in life.  It is powerful to love your body at any stage whether thinner or not as thin while knowing that misery won’t go away when your body changes unless you transform your internal world.

  3. You are free and do what you love regardless of your body shape or size.

    When you are free in yourself, you are better placed to know that you are not only loved but lovable. So many women struggle to feel lovable, and their body image plagues them.  Know this – if people including a man aren’t loving on your body now then they aren’t the right people for you to surround yourself with.  Be free and be around others who are free in their minds and bodies too so that you can manifest into your life unconditional love in a way that I know you always dream of.  Who doesn’t want that I say?  Who wouldn’t want to be free in the way they view their body, wear what they like that compliments their shape and only lose weight if you want to for health reasons because you are adorable, adored and loved just the way you are?  Who ever decided that love is dependent on looks? Don’t be one of those women, be the type of woman who loves your body now and for all aspects of it knowing you are worthy and deserving just the way you are.