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Many women in the movement of loving your body now may feel guilt or as if it is wrong to want to lose weight.  They may feel like they are defying the movement because they want to be thinner or fitter, but you are not.  You are made to be healthy and look after your body so on this journey of body love and winning the war on weight, body image and fitness, make sure you go deep inside and ask yourself what you truly want.  There is no need to feel any guilt or shame over wanting to lose weight.  Don’t think that because you want to lose weight that there is something wrong with you and you aren’t loving your body because eating well and exercising are a reflection of loving your body now.  This doesn’t mean you have to be super thin if you don’t want to.  What it means is that you must start to look at your health and body love while focusing on that over hating your body into the results you want.  These insights will assist you to be ok with wanting to lose weight while still loving your body now:

  1. Loving your body includes healthy habits.

    Your body is your temple and the thing that will keep you going and holds you up for your entire life. It needs to be nurtured and filled with lots of living foods and macronutrients to be able to function optimally.  Now, you can feel amazing at any size and life is too short to be unhappy no matter what you look like.  I know that people try to make you associate pain with weight but be joyful anyway while leveraging yourself with the knowing that loving your body now and into the way you want it to be is the key to success while including healthy habits.  Do not feel the pressure to lose weight, but by all means make the changes you want to so you can feel even more vital and live for a very long time.

  2. Know that you love your body while taking actions toward what you want.

    I know some people would say that if you truly just loved your body you wouldn’t care about exercise and you wouldn’t care what you ate. That’s not what Battle Babes is about, we are about loving your body now and not morphing yourself into someone you can’t possibly be but transforming your body in a way that has you feel happy and joyful additionally for the vitality you experience. Take actions toward this on a daily basis and know that being super thin is not the aim of the game, it is loving your body through the food you eat, exercise you partake in, what you say to yourself and taking action toward ultimate health.


  1. You can love your body now and declare you want to lose weight.

    If you don’t feel healthy the way you are then you must do something about it. Of course, many people will say that because you are into loving your body you should be be or stay the weight you are sometimes out of proving a point, while knowing that your health may depend on you taking some actions now. Declaring you want to lose weight is a declaration of the love for your body.  The thing is about this is not the weight loss, it’s how you do it and what you think about yourself regarding doing it.  Do you do it for the right reasons or are you hating your body into submission and weight loss?  It is so powerful to declare your goals out loud and to share with those who support you that you want to make some healthy changes in your life.