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Let’s face it, it is near on impossible to resist temptation at holiday times.  The thing is that most people let themselves go a little over the holiday season while it’s important to not be on a diet or restrictive, it is very important to focus on health and to not overindulge too much.  I’m not going to tell you to not enjoy yourself a little more in the form of eating things you wouldn’t usually over the holiday season, but I will encourage you to consider the consequences if you let it go too much or if you can’t seem to get back on track.  If you have been dieting or restricting too much, it is times like the holiday season that you may find you just can’t help yourself or you might have planned for a little weight gain and be alright with it.  It’s really not a big deal!  That’s right, it’s important to know that you are allowed to embrace the holiday season while understanding that if you gain weight, for health reasons you will need to consider losing it if you want to.  These insights will assist you to manage your health during the holiday season:

  1. Limit the times you indulge.

    It may be tempting to indulge at every social event and let yourself go just because it is the holiday season. This is no excuse for losing your footing while knowing that it’s important to choose your events wisely where you let it go a little. Be sure to not be the type of woman who is obsessive and dieting while forgoing over consumption of alcohol and food and moderating it at the events you choose to let it go a little.  If you feel like you are on a diet, you may find yourself feeling like an outsider and unable to embrace the season for what it is while making your time during the holiday season not about alcohol and food but about the love and connection you have with other people.

  2. Release the stress and relax.

    The stress of restricting while others are indulging can be the very thing that impacts your appetite and digestive system causing you to be hungrier at these times of year.  When you stress and obsess you put pressure on your nervous system triggering a chain reaction impacting your metabolic system.  Stressing out over your eating or non-eating can become more of an issue than the eating itself because stress can cause you to store weight on your body so if you are stressing about eating too much or not eating you are not embracing the holiday season for what it is – lots of fun!

  1. Focus on your goals.

    Don’t forget your goals at holiday time. Too many women forgo their goals for excuses they are on holidays and let themselves go in a way that takes a lot to reverse.  It can be easy to lose sight of what you are working toward and even if you let yourself go for a bit, make sure you have a plan to get back on track starting one step at a time as soon as you can.  Your goals are there to keep you accountable and on track so see any setback as a learning experience and move powerfully forward toward what you know you truly want.  Your goals are worth having while making sure you focus on your outcomes and giving up the diet mentality for freedom.