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It is important in life to live it fully.  How many women put off their life because of the way they think they look?  How many women struggle or are dying because of the way that they think they look?  The time has come for some change and to heal the past so you can fully live your life.  Now it may take a lot more than just reading this to be able to do that but know that just by being here reading this you have made the right choice when it comes to overcoming what may be holding you back.  It is important to know that the past can be healed regardless of what you have endured and that it may be affecting you now even though it occurred a long time ago.  To put things into context on this mission, your manifestations in your life are a reflection of your thoughts, feeling, emotions, actions as a result of those or non-actions.  Your driving force comes from what has happened to you in the past and there is hope that you can take charge and make your life the way you want it to be whether that be that you want to lose or gain weight.  These insights will assist you to overcome the past and know where to look to heal while knowing if you are triggered, be sure to seek Tactical Support and help to be able to powerfully move forward:

  1. Recall the first time you experienced not loving your body.

    When you were born you didn’t care what you looked like. You were free and fun loving, and it is simply life events and modelling or decisions you made that have caused you to become who you are today both positive and negative.  In thinking back over your life, when was the first moment you experienced not accepting and loving your body just the way it is?  What was occurring in your life at that time?  Now go ahead and write that down and what you decided about yourself and then write down what you want to think instead and focus on that.  This is called reframing which is a basic concept that is often easier said than done but you can if you create some positive affirmations that assist you to heal and make new decisions about yourself.

  2. Notice other moments this affected you and heal.

    As you made decisions in the past, your life has somewhat been shaped by that pivotal moment you decided you are not a stunning and beautiful woman inside and out. You may have been influenced by other’s words, projections or magazines, media, social media or an endless list of ways women are impacted and then manifested behaviours and non-behaviours as a result of this decision you made.  When you look at your life you will see how that decision you made initially when you went from an all-loving joyful child to being impacted by the world around you, you get to see that you can transform your thinking about yourself and find new ways of looking at your body.

  3. See how your body image concerns have served you.

    I know this may be difficult, but these concerns have served you in some way. I’m not saying that ill health and body image concerns are a good thing, but what I am saying that there is great power when you stop rejecting what you think about yourself and start to see that there is a blessing in every situation.  When you see the blessing, it doesn’t mean anything is right or wrong, what it does do is brings you freedom and I want that for you.  When you have freedom, the power is back in your hands and you aren’t shaped by the decisions you made when you were a child where you lost your body bliss and innocence and to see the blessing it stops you feeling like a victim and gives you back your power to decide, commit and act in new ways.  All challenges have served you in some way and in that you can see the perfection not in being perfect but being an imperfect human being who is on a journey where all aspects of yourself are to be loved.