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Sometimes you have to fight for what you want because the enemy may try to take you out of the health and fitness game.  As you go on this mission, make sure that you remain true to who you are while ensuring you take things head on for results that are what you want.  In doing this you are able to beat the enemy at its own game by fighting for what you know is meant for you.  Sometimes you may lose your footing and be setback and it’s what you do with that setback that matters.  Do you wallow and stay there, or do you rest up, take things on and fight for what you know is meant for you – true health.

This is one mission worth embarking on because the way for you to succeed is not always graceful, although you can create it that way as much as you can.  Unfortunately, external forces my attempt to strike you out but you must always remain true to the task at hand and keep going no matter what occurs.  In this article I want to emphasise that the fight is necessary in this day and age because of the amount of temptation in the world, the bombardment of advertisements, the media, social media and the endless list of things that stop women from succeeding at the health mission.

Being wiped out happens sometimes so make sure you re-group and get yourself back on track and that is who Battle Babes is for also.  It is for those who have been struggling and who want to get back on track or starting out so you can win the war on weight, body image and fitness.  You can win this war hands down and if you fight sometimes, you will get through any resistance to make way for a life that is healthy, amazing and very much about loving your body and self no matter where you have been and embracing your mission for where you are going.