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How many magazines can I expect to have access to when I subscribe?

You have full access to all past issues of the magazines from the previous editions and new editions ongoing.

What can I expect to learn from the magazines and coaching?

You have the opportunity to learn from someone who has walked the path of weight loss and who is qualified to provide you information to lose the weight off your mind and body if you want to.

Is this credible information?

Yes, you are hearing from someone who is a writer who has lived experience and is qualified in Personal Training, Counselling, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Results Coaching, Body Positivity Coaching and Mind, Body, Eating Coaching in Australia.

How do I access further transformation additionally to the magazines?

You can follow the Book Now for Tactical Support at the bottom of the Coaching page which is one-on-one Coaching via Zoom of phone to continue your transformation.

How many magazines can I expect to receive on a monthly basis?

Not only do you have access to the past issues, but you also have full access to all future issues for your yearly subscription. In this, you will find you will receive the right message at the right time to assist you in your journey of transformation from the inside out. You will find that you are uplifted and inspired on a regular basis.  You can expect two new issues every month.

Which is the best way to view the magazines?

It is best for your comfort to view the magazines on your PC or laptop while they are intentionally formatted to be able to be viewed on your phone, but why not sit down and relax with a full screen and enjoy the images and words in enlarged format.

I want to lose weight without dieting but I don’t know how to?

Well! You have come to the right place. These magazines will provide insights into how to lose weight off your mind first while placing a focus only on weight loss for health purposes. You will discover how to lose the weight from your mind and your body through proven methods that include a healthy way of life, positive self and body image while being direct and somewhat hardcore about loving your body now.