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Let’s face it, often if you are depressed the last thing you want to do is exercise, but I can assure you that it’s something that will change your mood.  When it comes to partaking in exercise, moving your body will invoke as most already know, endorphins and counteract the impacts of cortisol production while getting you outside, amongst people and life.  I know what this is like after going through life challenges, hormonal changes and my life not turning out the way I thought it would while also in these trying times with Covid circulating the world and other pressures as a woman.   Weight gain often comes with the lack of motivation, and it becomes more difficult to get moving but the thing to remember is that any setback can be treated like a step forward because if you look, you can learn from your depressive thoughts, feelings and emotions and find a gift in it to be able to move powerfully forward and get moving again.  These insights will assist you to overcome depression for improved quality of life:

  1. Realise it’s a journey.

    Most people these days are looking for a quick fix to their problems but overcoming depression with exercise isn’t an overnight thing. I of course believe in miracles but know that for most people it’s a journey of re-establishing your routine and embrace the journey because it takes effort, I know to be able to get back out there, get going and get doing what you want to do again.  When you realise it’s a journey, you are more patient and understand you need to take actions toward feeling better and if you start small and build up, you will find over time you begin to feel better, your body functions better and you are able to feel the endorphins you are seeking.

  2. Start small and build up.

    You don’t need to thrash yourself to feel endorphins when it comes to exercise. Of course, if a good hard workout is what you respond to and you are ready for it go for it but don’t think that you need to go hard to begin with to feel the healing effects of exercise.  Just starting is the first thing and then build gradually up to a place where you consistently feel the effects of your hard work.  I know it’s so confusing in this day and age about how much exercise to do to gain results so seek professional assistance where needed to guide you and make sure you take it one step at a time being kind to yourself for the impact of exercise to improve your quality of life.

  3. Allow yourself to feel pleasure.

    Depression often makes people feel like they aren’t allowed to or able to feel a sense of pleasure. Exercise will bring you pleasure and so will the results it creates in your body so be sure to allow yourself the joy and pleasure you can experience by partaking in it regularly.  Pleasure is something that is not just for the lucky people, all people are able to experience it if you put your mind to it.  I know right!  You may not feel like doing the hard work to get where you want to go but think about the results you will create by getting going and getting into it while making sure you look after yourself and seek professional guidance where required.