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In life, it is very easy when you are young to hate on your body and self.  I consider this life and time wasted because as you age, you may look back and wish you appreciated your weight, body and fitness for the way it was because they may fade, or it may become more difficult to maintain.  Don’t spend your youth wasting it on hating your body and self and don’t be one of those women who looks back in the future and wishes you enjoyed what you had – just enjoy it no matter where you are at. Of course, your looks need not fade as beauty is ever present no matter what you look like, while so many women struggle in their teens and beyond and age or things change, and they wish they had loved their bodies and embraced themselves in entirety the entire time.  What are you like when it comes to your body now? What about your body in the past?  Have you always loved and embraced your body, or do you look back and wish you appreciated it when it was easier to maintain a healthy weight?  These insights will assist you to embrace who you were, who you are and who you are becoming:


  1. Don’t live with regret, just love the past and forget.

    Too many women look back and compare themselves and body to the way they used to be.  It is important that you learn from your past, appreciate all that has occurred and then move powerfully forward because you can’t change what occurred, but you can most certainly adjust things now and for your future.  When you look back wishing you had appreciated your body or you are in your youth and not appreciating your body now, you cause yourself undue stress and put unrealistic pressures on yourself. The best thing to do is to accept yourself for the way you are, make a plan to make changes if this is what you want and stop trying to morph yourself into a teenager and start embracing the journey of health in entirety for a new way of life that has you free from your past, embracing the now and living for a great future.

  1. Take care of your body and appreciate it now so you avoid regret.

    What do you want to do and wear that you know you deep down would love to that embraces your body and causes you to know you are good enough and beautiful in it? What have you been holding back on trying to hide away your body and self because you don’t think you are good enough or thin enough?  Most likely you look better than you think and in that, it’s important to understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Be humble in your approach to your beauty while being inspired to express yourself for the true you who wants to be loved and adored for your inner self and soul over your body while wearing what you want and appreciating your body now and avoiding regret.

  2. No matter what your past looks like, it is now and the future that matters.

    We’ve all done it. That’s right – I believe we have all had regret over not appreciating our bodies when we were younger and more youthful no matter what age you might be.  Where did you think you are fat when you were perfect and although all of us have curves and bumps in places that we may not appreciate all of the time, you must consider that in the future as you age, you may find that it’s more difficult to maintain so why not appreciate your body now and for the future.  Regardless of what phase you are at in your life, make sure you love and adore yourself in entirety for the beauty you are from within while looking after your body in the best way you know how at any phase by loving it and making sure you appreciate every part of it now and into the future.