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What is your relationship with food?  Do you live to eat, or do you eat to live?  What this question is asking is do you find that you use food as a vice and live for it allowing it to run your life or are you in charge of it. Thus, making sure you are powerful and eat to nourish your body rather than to calm emotions or fill a void.  So many women feel they have voids in their lives which means they feel something is missing or they have emotional charges that cause them to uncontrollably reach for food.  Now don’t ever make yourself out to be a bad woman if you have done this, welcome to being a human being.  What this is about is making choices from a more powerful and healthy place where you are eating for the reasons that eating was invented – to nourish your body and keep you alive.  Food has become something that is used to numb out or as mentioned being a vice that can cause you concerns with your weight, body image and fitness.  These insights will provide you some ways forward from living to eat to eating to live:

  1. Master your emotions and habits for a powerful relationship with food.

    Emotions are powerful things. They can cause compulsions and addictions to be formed for the way that many women turn to food for comfort and to fill voids.  When you master your emotions, which is an ongoing life journey, you are better able to master the art of eating.  I know first-hand this is an ongoing journey where there may be times that you are stressed and eat more while there may be times you are more powerful with your choices and neither is right nor wrong but just ask yourself what outcomes you want. It can be difficult when you are plagued with negative emotions to master your eating and to be healthy, but it is worth looking at your habits based on your emotions so you can have a powerful relationship with food.

  2. Eat to be able to nourish your body and bring life to it.

    Eating for any reason but to nourish your body is not what eating was created for. As I mentioned, we all eat based on emotions at times and it’s important not to make yourself out to be a bad person for sometimes emotionally eating but consider the biology here where food is designed to nourish your body, not suppress or calm your emotions. The function of eating is for your body as your temple and to cause you to live a fulfilling and vibrant life.  I have fallen for the fallacy that food will numb the emotions, or it sometimes feels like it is the only thing that brings you any joy but the key here is to find other ways that are conducive to health to find joy in.  By nourishing your body, you are saying you want to live, you want to be vital, and you are willing to do what it takes to bring life to your life.

  3. Watch your life transform by eating to live.

    When you remove the excuses or reasons why you might be living to eat and you don’t make any of it wrong but love and adore yourself for the choices you have made, you begin to see that there is a new way of doing things. It may take a lot more than this article for you to have this breakthrough so please subscribe or book in for Tactical Support if you feel you need support. Your life transforming doesn’t mean you have to lose a ton of weight, it is your internal world that transforms to begin with, and any weight loss is a bonus.  Your willingness to eat to live will help you see that any other reason for eating is a human construct that has you fooled into thinking that food will bring you something other than life. You are a stunning woman regardless of your actions or non-actions, while making sure you focus on eating to live so you can really and truly live.