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In the mission toward health, coffee has been demonised by many professionals and often non-professionals as something that is not good for you.  In moderation, coffee can be a powerful tool to increase your metabolism, decrease hunger and impact your digestive system.  A little coffee doesn’t have much of an impact on your central nervous system and if you have it in moderation and completely enjoy the process it can be a positive thing for your nervous system.  It may not be for everyone and if you have any concerns, see your doctor.

Addiction is the issue with coffee mostly.  It is when people can’t cope without it or have too much of it using it as a stimulant rather than something that is for enjoyment and health.  If you Google the health benefits of coffee you will find some joy in the fact that it’s alright to drink a little bit of it and simply moderate it and avoid addictive behaviours toward it.  Also look at the downside to it if you have too much while being aware that where there is one PHD that says it’s good for you, there will be one that says it’s bad for you so go with manifesting the good side with no more than for example two coffees a day.

Women are confused about coffee and let’s face it, the battle of the evidence on both sides can be debilitating but I happen to know that what you think you become so think about coffee as something that is for moderation, health, wellbeing and enjoyment while making sure you consider good quality coffee that has no chemicals in it and embrace this ancient ritual as something that enhances your life and isn’t a crutch.  Don’t be lost in the battle and begin to see that you can and will win the war on the PHD’s by deciding from your own internal governance system that tells you what is alright for you to have and what is not.