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Tactical support to assist you to win the war on weight, body image and mental fitness.

Are you struggling to win the war on weight, mental fitness and low body image? Does it feel like you’re standing on the battlefield all alone? Are you in search of motivation and inspiration to love your body now, smash through all obstacles, be victorious and find peace?

Battle Babes Fitness is here waiting to charge in and fight by your side. Through individual consultations I will get you battle fit by transforming your perception of your body and your mind, and tackling your greatest challenges. You get the benefit of my skills and my experience as I help devise a hardcore battle plan for you to win your war. Click here for more about me!

I offer one-on-one consultations or packages to guide you and equip you with the tools to change your life, love your body now and lose that mental weight. This coaching and counselling is for those of you who are ready to change. It is for those who want to transform from the inside out. For those who want the benefit of the lessons I learnt from turning my mindset toward weight around and through my extensive training.

In life, being hardcore about your weight, body image and mental fitness takes a lot of work. Women lose themselves in the everyday grind and can become averse to exercise and eating well. Or the opposite occurs, and they become obsessed. But through the Battle Babes Fitness way of life, you can find a way to create balance. You can have a great relationship with your body, yourself, with others, with your career, with food and with exercise. You can achieve long term, sustainable psychological strength. You can become a Battle Babe.

Strength is in your ability to know yourself and to win the war waging in your mind that has you struggling with being overweight, underweight, unmotivated, hating your body, hating food and living in a perpetual state of angst over your body and self-image. Through Battle Babes Fitness consultations you will be able to win the war on weight, low body image and poor mental fitness. You will play a new mental game to create the life you always wanted and the peace and freedom to perform in ways that get you what you want in life.

Your assignment includes…

• Discover how to lose the weight that holds you down in your mind
• Learn to love your body and have a healthy body image
• Start your fitness program or take things to the next level
• Give up dieting and replace it with a healthy relationship with food
• Transform your relationship with yourself
• Be and feel beautiful inside and out
• Overcome external and internal judgement
• Find your vision, mission, purpose and values to enhance your battle plans
• Receive mentoring on how to be more hardcore about what you want out of life
• Learn from my own weight challenges and how I lost over 20 kilograms
• And more…