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If you aren’t looking the way you used to or want to it can be difficult to feel a sense of love for your body.  You might find you are wearing clothes to cover your body and to hide rather than owning your body and embracing it curves and all.  You might not do things because of the way you think you look.  In this mission, I encourage you to own your body shape and size while knowing that dressing the way you know is your style while being proud of your body in a non-vain way.  This means being humble about the way you look and making sure you get out there, do what you want in life and overcome all opinions of your body including your own.  These insights will assist you to be proud of your body regardless of where you are at in your weight journey:

  1. Know that you are lovable no matter what you look like.

    So many women hate their bodies thinking it will mean they are not lovable or loved for the way they look. I must say this and that is if a man for example or others don’t want you for the way you look, they are the wrong people for you.  If you surround yourself with those who love you regardless of the way you look, you become prouder of your own body as you are surrounded by love and acceptance.  This is a great strategy to be able to learn to embrace your body because when you are constantly reminded by you and others that you are lovable, you become that.

  2. External opinions don’t count but your internal focus does.

    Others may judge you if you are thin or not as thin and it becomes a no-win situation for women because of the way society has projected upon women that they should look. External opinions aren’t for Battle Babes.  They are the enemy because many people will tell you or say that you aren’t looking good enough or thin enough or judge your shape and size.  If you are surrounded by external opinions that don’t encourage you, be sure to change your circles or do something about it because you are a powerful woman who can stand tall and proud in who you are body shape and size and all.

  3. Your beauty is internal not external.

    Beauty on the outside is just fine to seek but do it from a place of internal beauty coming first. Battle Babes look after themselves in a humble way while vanity is not for you but looking and feeling stunning through the window to the soul (your eyes) is the way to know how beautiful you truly are.  Your body can change in different phases of your life so if you put your internal beauty and glow first, you are better able to feel proud of who you are as a woman.  You are more likely to attract people who are about internal beauty and let go of the shallow ones where looks are everything – and go where internal beauty is what is the most important aspect of who you are.  Be proud of your body no matter what you look like while putting the internal first and allowing yourself to glow and be seen for the true beauty you are.