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What is your relationship with love, your body and your looks?  Do you think that being skinny is a reflection of loving yourself or that you need to be thin to be loved by others?  So much of the acceptance of women revolves around looks. There is so much judgement and assumptions about a woman for their weight.  What about all the women who have suffered trauma, had children or struggled in some way who are seeking love thinking that it’s only for the skinny ones.  The media portrays perfect love being two thin people who are Hollywood perfect, and the world has lost its way when it comes to the loving body and self-mission.  Of course, thin women think they are sometimes fat also, so this is for all shapes and sizes because there is a very big problem with women not loving their bodies now.  Do you think that one day when you reach your goal you will be loved and lovable? It makes sense if you fear intimacy and love also that you would put your goals off or carry extra weight to protect yourself.  You can be loved now, and you are lovable regardless of your body shape or size while making health of the upmost importance.  These insights will assist you to know you are loved now and to take the actions that someone who loves themselves does:

  1. Be vulnerable and allow love in.

    This is something that may frighten some women because they may be thinking that a wonderful loving relationship with someone who is your soul mate is only for those who have it all together. They think that skinny women are the only ones who have it all, but all shapes and sizes can while you must consider the impact of body weight on your health, it still means nothing about you as a woman and human being.  All it might be is your past pain and hurt manifesting on your body so don’t make it wrong and be vulnerable to allow love in from you and others to make sure you know you are lovable no matter what shape or size you are.  Put yourself out there, embrace your body and know that you can and will learn the art of love right now.

  2. Focus on what you want and achieve your goals powerfully.

    Success is a great healer and breeds success. Take your attention off your weight and while being present, strong and empowered go out and make your life happen. That’s right, stop putting things off or protecting yourself through weight concerns and start looking at what you can do for the world, others and humanity.  When you focus on what you want, immerse yourself in a balanced way in living your life powerfully, you don’t think you are not good enough or thin enough for love, you are living it and often the weight will fall away if you want it to and you may find yourself leading a somewhat empowered and inspiring life now.  Putting things off until a later date because you think you aren’t thin enough is a waste of time so love your body now, focus on what you want and go out and make things happen.

  3. Breathe in love and exhale body hate.

    Breathing is underrated when it comes to being connected to your body. Breathe deeply into your body and connect to your soul while making sure you feel your body, embrace it in entirety and adore it now regardless of what shape or size it is.  What’s this got to do with loving your body now?  You will feel some emotions arise when you embody (connect to your body) and you may just find the body hate being released and breathed out.  So many women struggle to embody because of the way society has become so disconnected but with some breathing and other activities to get into your body, you can gently release body hate and replace it with acceptance and love.