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My Story

My name is Anna Maria Lang and Battle Babes Fitness was founded out of my passion for body diversity, writing and helping women to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Welcome to my non-diet approach to weight loss off your mind and body and your one stop shop for life transformation.

I am a published author and body positivity and weight loss specialist. I am a Counsellor, Personal Trainer, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Master Results Coach, Body Positivity Coach, and Mind, Body, Eating Coach. I have a passion for helping women lose weight through transforming their relationship with their mind, weight, body image and fitness. I help women make the right decisions, commitments and actions to achieve their goals. I know what it means to value your life and body. My personal weight loss journey has given me genuine compassion and understanding for women’s relationships with their mind, weight, body image and fitness.

Before establishing Battle Babes Fitness, I served nine years in the Australian Army and became a paratrooper. I achieved high levels of fitness and, after overcoming an eating disorder and losing 30kg, completed half marathons and a 200km-in-one-month run challenge. I have held a passion for fitness and health my entire life and believe weight loss is about losing the weight off your mind and allowing your body to follow. Through my own challenges and achievements, I was compelled to create Battle Babes Fitness with a mission to transform the way women relate to their mind, weight, body image and fitness.

My vision is to assist millions of women to lose that mental and physical weight, shape up, and to live the life of their dreams now. Battle Babes Fitness is cutting edge when it comes to weight management, body image and fitness. I advocate for body diversity and include all women in this mission, as all women deserve to be represented. Your health and weight are important to me and I understand where you are, where you may have been and where you are going. I can assist with your goals and transforming you from the inside out, for the life you always dreamed of, regardless of your body shape or size.

Anna Maria