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Winning the war on

weight, body image

and mental fitness.

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Welcome to Battle Babes Fitness Magazine!

Real women are all beautiful.  In this mission you will be inspired by an arsenal of articles to lose weight off your mind.  This is about mental fitness.  You will learn to love your body now, in the most diverse way, for the beautiful gift it is. You will discover how to increase your self worth and go beyond weight loss to a place where you are able to simply do what you love to do. Subscribe today for the opportunity to transform your life from the inside out.

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Tips to help you lose weight off your mind.
Learn how I lost over 20 kilograms and loved my body there.
Insightful and informative articles to inspire and uplift.
Your one-stop-shop for weight, body image and fitness news.

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What's Included?

Access to Previous Issues

Each issue focuses on a specific topic and you have access to all previous issues to browse at your leisure. I aim to provide you great value and you have access to all upcoming issues.

Be Inspired & Transform

Through these magazines you will be enlightened with simple strategies I used to lose over 20 kilograms and learned to love my body in the process.

Shape Up Your Mind & Body

If you are starting out or you want to enhance the process this magazine is for you. Your mental fitness will enhance your physical fitness so come on this lifelong journey.

About Battle Babes

My name is Anna Maria Lang and Battle Babes Fitness was founded out of my passion for body diversity, writing and helping women to lose weight off their minds in a healthy and realistic way. I lost over 20 kg's and I want to share with you how I did this from my lived experience and extensive education while focusing on mental fitness. Welcome to my non-diet approach to weight loss off your mind and your one stop shop for life transformation. I am a published author and weight, body image and fitness for joy specialist. I am a Counsellor, Personal Trainer, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Master Results Coach, Body Positivity Coach, and Mind, Body, Eating Coach. I love writing, editing and publishing for you...

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